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I have a deep taste for research paper examples especially in occasions where I cannot write my essay free of troubles. I have had nasty experiences with paper writing and I know that some essays may seem easy to tackle until the results are out and the writer is shocked to see the score on the paper. By that time, it is already too late to make any corrections, as the harm will already have been done. My first research proposal in college underscored the importance of gaining total understanding before even commencing to write my essay. Many things went wrong with that particular research proposal, starting with the topic itself. I made the mistake of jumping to the task before first planning how to write my essay. My lecturer had overtly lauded me for my enviable ability to write my essay in class, even suggesting that classmates with problems in research proposal writing could consult me. I guess these comments must have contributed to the detrimental overconfidence I displayed as I began to write my essay for the research proposal.

Research proposal had been taught as part of the wider research project, and I had the notes to refer to periodically as I took time to write my essay. Nonetheless, I did not find it necessary to write my essay basing on lecture notes since I was apt for the research proposal anyway. I was greatly shocked when the supervisor summoned me to the departmental offices to admonish me for being unacceptably reckless with my research proposal. The result was that I was forced to write my essay anew. More painfully, I was the only student whose research proposal was rejected in the entire class.

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