The effect of different phobias on your personality

All of us have a fear of something, but an exaggerated and irrational angst is already a mental disorder. If one experiences a strong sense of panic about certain place or object, they become dysfunctional in a few situations at least. The life with a phobia is a mess because anxiety is preserved long after the panic is gone. Individuals are afraid not only of a specific object (open spaces, spiders, other people) but of the mere fact that they are afraid. The vicious circle of anxiety makes people dysfunctional for a considerable part of their productive time.
Many different phobias make people equally isolated. The fear of embarrassment or collapse in the public discourages individuals from interaction or going out. They prefer to withdraw with their phobia for no one could see it. Phobic individuals also suffer from their feeling out of control in the situation. Even if they understand that their fear is irrational, they still cannot stop it. People feel helpless seeing how phobia affected their job and social life. The problem is, people try to make it more comfortable living with a phobia instead of concentrating their energy on getting rid of it.
Phobias do no good to personality and its development, limiting our actions in many aspects of life. Affected individuals often say that they are not themselves in a panic episode. They do not behave adequately afterward either attracting more attention to their abnormal state. Counseling and timely therapy is the way to deal with phobia before it has crushed one’s career and personal life. People can hardly deal with phobias on their own but the cure is quite real for people who seek help from others.

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