Writing an essay on the Zulu culture

When your essay touches upon the Zulu culture, keep in mind that it is going to take you long in order to find all necessary information. Besides, you are supposed to not only cover some theoretical aspects, but also to support them with evidence. Thus, what it means is that you will also need to mention some examples.

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Custom essays

The number of people who buy essay has been increasing ever since the service was launched in the internet several years ago. The people who are interested in buying custom essays are always keen to ensure that the papers that people get from them are the best in the market. Some people buy essay whenever they are required to write one by their teachers. Other people buy essay just to know more about a certain issue that affects their lives. Some people buy essay just to learn how other people go about their writing business. In this case, custom essays act as a blue print in which students use to develop good essays that they can present to their teachers in the future. Custom essays are not papers that people can wish away as far as academic excellence is concerned. The more custom essays that one buys, the higher the chances of passing exams. Many people fail to realize that any decision to buy essay results because of a certain condition that makes those people who buy essay hard to meet deadline as given by their teachers.

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Research paper topics

Nothing is problematic and difficult to accomplish in this world like doing research paper topics to completion. Research paper topics particularly from the technical fields such as engineering, medicine, computer science and astronomy have proven extremely difficult for the average students to write on more so if there is no research example essays meant to be used as point of references at their disposal. Experience has shown that well done template essays from the professional writers guide inexperienced writers in the event of selecting and writing research paper topics.
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Interview of Law Enforcement Officer

Criminal Justice is a procedure that seeks to bring justice both to the offender and to the offended. In America, criminal justice is very important as it ensures that any perpetrator of a crime is handled and prosecuted in a humane way. To ensure sanity in the whole nation or in any other place, criminal justice must be upheld. This means that if anyone disturbs the peace of others in any way, he is bound to face criminal justice. Law enforcement a discussed in this paper is part of criminal justice as the law enforcers are the identifiers of the crime doers. In the courtrooms, we find that law breakers are given a chance to deliver themselves from their accusations. The offended also get a chance to seek justice on crimes against them.
A peace officer is simply an employee of state, public agency, sheriff, or municipality on fulltime bases. He is responsible for making arrests, effecting of criminal warrant and performing of searches as well as seizures. In addition, he is charged with detection and prevention of crime, enforcements of the penal or traffic laws of Washington State (AccessWashington, 2010). In this post there are sheriff deputies who have the duties of care, control and custody of inmates, military officers within the law who are fulltime and military security personnel. They however must have undergone a course on Law Enforcement, which arms them with at the basic techniques and skills that they will require as peace officers and as they discharge their duties.
Major Mark Spencer has been a peace officer for some time now Washington being his area of work. I joined the force immediately after school; I always wished to become a law enforcer after I witnessed police managing a mob who were interfering with a rescue team that was trying to put out a fire in a town house as well as rescue people. The way they did it and the actions that followed left me yearning for the day I will be able to accomplish such a task.
Being a law enforcer is quite a tricky job I imagine as I listen to him. Everyday of your life you’ll be risking your life for the state. However, no one can be really safe every time. Policing however can be interesting when someone gets used and when one is dedicated. The call to serve motivates an officer everyday else he will be tempted to search for more lucrative jobs (AccessWashington, 2010). Everyday a police officer revisits his commitments to duty and thus he is able to move on. As Major Mark tells of his encounters, I cannot fail to imagine on how scary some of them are. Imagine chasing armed gangsters all over with their skills verses yours, surely this is a job that needs dedication. The protocols observed every time everywhere can actually change a person’s style of life.
Major Mark has received a distress call from a person who claims to be in trouble of some sort. Quickly we rush to the scene and a number of events take on. A man has attacked a young lady sending her packing and I watch as Major Mark go through a number of procedures that to me are not quite clear. First, I do not understand why he starts by engaging the lady, the man and some others who have mingled around. He then with the help of others arrests the man as the lady is left behind but not without having a word with him. He hands her a paper as we leave with the man hurdled behind his police car along with major Marks partners. I seek some clarification and I am mesmerized by the facts of the procedure followed though not clear to me as I witnessed it. The discipline involved is quite high with each act containing a streamlined course of action. For example if a peace officer is responding to a domestic violence case as is the case today with Major Mark, his duty will be to ensure that he enforces the laws violated and also to protect the person or persons complaining.
The Courts
Probation /parole clients reporting to his officer
A probation officer works with people known as probation clients. They are people who have been convicted but have not been sentenced to jail. They are instead given probationary requirements by a judge such as seeking for abuse treatment for a substance, performing services for the community and generally keeping away from any trouble with the law (University of Washington, 2013). A probation officer regularly visits, supervises and reports on these persons to witness that they are complying with their probations. A parole officer deals with a prisoner who have been released to a society after he or she has served part of a jail term
Probation parole clients reporting to his officer (observation)
It is a sunny Monday morning and I am at the court where a parole client is due to meet with his parole officer. After sometimes a woman in her mid thirties I suppose enters the courtroom as designated by her parole officer. In like twenty minutes two men appears and takes their seats. I’m seated at the left hand side and since I’m an observer who has already sought for permission as required by the commission, no alarm is raised.

In normal circumstances, as an observer is allowed to a parole hearing as well as the hearing examiner and the case manager.
In about three minutes, the hearing kicks off. The commissioner reads or rather states to the woman or the client the official name for her in this case on her crimes and their penalties as stated by the parole commission. As I look on it is overwhelming to see how the parole officer professionally makes his point. This is a job for the tough at heart or so I imagine. The main aim for the hearing is to enable the client to state her point as to why she should be released to the community partly into her sentence as opposed to serving her whole sentence. This is as stated by parole laws. The officer will then considering many aspects as character, re-entry plans, counseling, parole plans and treatment to make his judgment.
As the case is adjourned, I am left wondering on what will be the judgment. Will it favor the client or is she going to be in prison full term. Another question that comes to my mind is what if this client or any other is released to the community on pretext grounds. It is quite a tricky judgment for the parole officer, as obviously he cannot know the exact plans or thoughts of the client. Faced with the duty to mind the community as well as the plight of client’s then extreme caution must be exercised.
Criminal justice can be accomplished in many ways. It is the role of the law enforcement officers in Washington to see that this is done. Ranging from hunting for the criminals, to delivering them to the courts that are bound to provide justice the police has such a task. It is a big challenge for the law enforcers as well as the judiciary as witnessed in my two encounters. However, for a state, to experience peace and prosperity then the courts and the law enforcers must be at work. Almost everything revolves around security and when it is not guaranteed, the other sectors of the American economy cannot move well without hitches that hamstring smooth running. It is not worthwhile investing heavily on some assets, money which has been obtained for so many years which would only be destroyed in a very short span of time. It is therefore crucial to create security organs that ensure safety of everything and above all people. The government is the custodian of its citizens and therefore the authority or the people elected in public positions should and must ensure that the people receive optimal services which they pay through exchequer taxation. Laxity of people leading the security docket must never be tolerated as it definitely must portend ill for all daily activities.

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Effective communication in schools

Introduction and Discussion
Effective communication in schools is paramount. A fact about students who are able to communicate effectively in school is that they stand out in class. In addition, this skill is a cornerstone in education as it facilitates communication of ideas and thoughts. Communication in schools takes place in a variety of settings between students and teachers, teachers and administration, administration and students, and communication amongst students. A school that is rich in learning environment is one that takes effective communication as a vital part of the learning process. Every student is expected to communicate his or her ideas effectively having in mind that this is a crucial part of the learning process. Likewise, the administration is required to communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders so as to build trust (Gunther, James and Kate, 13). This ensures that all the relevant people are able to air out their opinions and ideas regarding the decisions of the school. It is also notable that effective communication is a platform where students prepare themselves for future career and the real world.
Communication can be defined as the process of transmitting information from one party to another using a common language or medium. In every communication, there are two important elements; the sender and the receiver. For this setting, the sender initiates communication while the receiver is the one that gets the message being communicated. The sender encodes the information through various ways including symbols and gestures. The message is the content or the outcome of communication and medium is the means for the same. Feedback is also an important element in communication that enhances the effectiveness of the message. With this view, effective communication can be described as the means of exchanging information in an appropriate way. In the school context, effective communication occurs in various ways and differing channels. For example, communication between students and teachers, faculty and students, teachers and teachers are some of the main types of communication expected in an education set up. All these communications are as important as the other to enhance and to keep the school going.
There are various elements of enhancing effective communication in school. These elements are useful in determining the quality of a communication process for various parties. This implies that the selection of various medium for communication is of vital importance. A school may choose to use either oral or written form depending on the quality and the expected outcomes of the message. For instance, the school administration uses written form of communication to communicate important messages that require documentation and signature from various stakeholders. Written memos, letters, handbooks, bulletin boards and newsletters can be used for effective communication. On the other hand, verbal communication involves; face to face communication, computer, telephones, tape messages, closed circuit television, and emails amongst many others. Nonverbal messages that are equally important may include body positions, facial expressions, gestures, clothing etc.
A key element in school communication is one that occurs between the school administrator and the various stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, and community members. This communication ensures that all stakeholders are aware of the accomplishments that the school wishes to achieve within the stipulated time. Effective communication here ensures that all the stakeholders’ works towards building a shared responsibility, mission, vision, goals, and other things that the school wishes to achieve in the long term. Likewise, effective communication is the only sure way of building a strong relationship between the administrators of the school and other stakeholders. For instance, research denotes that most principals spend about 70 to 80 percent of their time communicating with various stakeholders whether at a personal level or formal meetings. Operative principals know the importance of communication and know how to communicate effectively. In addition, they understand the significance of both formal, as well as, informal communication at all planes for the development of the school. This is done through various channels and with different stakeholders. For example; faculty and departments meetings, conversation with teachers and students, and telephone calls or emails are some of the common communications that facilitate the development of the school.
Effective communication is capable of inventing new talent, change in attitude, and creative thinking. As such, it should be encouraged in all forms to ensure that the progress of the school is kept at bay. Away from administration, communication amongst students gets work done. It is in this set up that students learn that their ideas, efforts and opinions are of great value not only to the school, but the society in general. Students who are capable of communicating effectively are distinguished in class, and their abilities and talents are easily realized. Communication between students also makes the learning experience more appealing than when there is no known means of communication. Likewise, the administration should allow for communication between them and the students. This means that the administration should allow students to tell their opinions regarding the development of the school. Typically, students are the major and most important stakeholders that keep the school going. Without them, the school would no longer be functional as it relies on them. This means that their opinions should also be given priorities provided are for the good of the school. It is possible that students may have ideas on some issues that face the school while the administration may be still at the dark. The wellbeing of the students can only be catered for when the administration allows students to air out their views.

Therefore, the views of students should never be discarded without discussing some aspects that are essential for the welfare of students and the entire fraternity.
Summary of the sources
Source 1: Leading by interaction in educational organizations
This journal recognizes the importance of communication in the progress of any organizational leadership including an educational set up. Leaders should learn that communication is the only key for prosperity or the success of a school, without which the institution is bound to fall. With this view, leaders and school administrators should be equipped with the required knowledge on effective communication for the progress of schools. The amount of time that leaders spend in communication highlights the importance of this skill in management. An effective leader is one who is able to use the various tools for communication in harnessing the resources of an organization or school for its growth. Communication not only ensures that a strong relationship between the school and the community is enhanced, but also ensures that an organization can achieve its goals in different aspects. When communication is effective, the involved people or stakeholders are able to work towards a shared goal in a harmonious environment where collaboration is given much significance. Essentially, this helps in improving the performance of a school or organization. Similarly, effective communication can only be achieved by removing barriers of communication through applied efforts by those in leadership. An effective communication must be able to make use of a full range of communication skills and other resources that establishes delivery of messages that guide, inspire and motive others into action.
Effective communication involves two parties. This means that both the receiver of the message understands what is entailed in the message and sends back his feedback at the same time. A one way communication where feedback lacks is not termed as an effective leadership. Likewise, message misinterpretations, misunderstanding and rejection are the complete opposite of effective communication.
However, communication is faced up with multiple barriers that make it less effective. Psychological factor is one of the leading barriers to communication. This is because psychological factors affect the way in which people perceive things. Therefore, as much as one would want to communicate, certain factors tend to hinder communication. Stereotyping is also another great barrier to effective communication. Sometimes people may have judgments on something and may not be willing to change their views. Likewise, lack of feedback is another major barrier to communication. Without it, it would not be clear on whether the messages were communicated effectively. Feedback, whether positive or negative, is an essential element in communication. Similarly, interpersonal factors are likely to hinder effective communication. For instance, people who keep repeating themselves may affect the quality of communication.

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Argumentative essay about abortion

Whichever side of the argumentative essay about abortion that one chooses, it is vital to note that there will be numerous arguments in support of the counter argument. Also, while writing this argumentative paper, it is important to also explore the counter argument. Issues to consider while addressing the opposing points include the illustration of well-rounded arguments that demonstrate a deep understanding of the topics and all issues being discussed. As much as the experts here explore both sides of the argument and after selecting the side to support, they never show bias for the side that they are supporting. In order to make the arguments strong enough, the experts include strong points that support both sides of the argument and then tactfully argue against the main arguments of the opposing view while supporting the arguments of the side taken. By doing so, the writer has a stronger chance of swaying the readers of the essay to think like the writer and support the views of the writer.

Once this happens, the essay is considered a success because it will attract maximum points from the reader, who in many cases is the instructor or lecturer. Another thing that the experts do to sway the reader is to use words that enhance the level of trust that the reader has for the opinions in the essay and for the writer of the essay. The writing experts also give themselves the chance to refute any arguments that the opposing perspective may have and this they do while refuting the very strong arguments that the opposing side have about the argument of the essay.

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Pollution in Indiana

Various types of pollution affect the air, rivers, lakes and soils of Indiana. Indiana’s pollution has made it to be ranked among the top six most polluted states in the United States. The pollution has negatively affected the people, city and villages of Indiana in different ways. In 2009, Indiana was ranked as having one of the highest noxious and toxic air pollution caused by emissions from oil-fired and coal-fired power plants; this is according to a research by an international non-profit organization, the Natural Resource Defense Council (Greninger, 2011). Indiana has a pitiable score of accomplishment when it comes to protection of the environment.
Effects of Pollution in City and Villages
Julian J. Juergensmeyer and Anita L. Morse, Air Pollution Control in Indiana in 1968: A Comment, 2 Val. U. L. Rev. 296 (1968).
Juergensmeyer and Morse (1968), argue on the various strategies employed by the state of Indiana to combat Air pollution in the state. The paper argues that different legislation on air pollution at the federal and state level had defined the various strategies that would be used to control air pollution in the country. He argues that the state legislation in Indiana had been approved due to the high levels of pollution in the state waters and air. The author also states the various ways in which pollution is controlled in Indiana. From the article, Private control of air pollution in Indiana is regulated under the state law. Private control of air pollution in the state meant that individual could sue companies that were seen to be polluting the environment leading to harmful impacts on the environment and humans. In trying to show the state of air pollution in the state and the impact of private individuals to sue the state, the author uses two court cases in which private citizens sued the state and companies for air pollution. In the context of Indiana air pollution, individuals have played a major role in ensuring that there is control of pollution in major cities.
Kumar C.S Navulur, Bernard A. Engel. Predicting Spatial Distributions of Vulnerability of Indiana State Aquifer Systems to Nitrate Leaching using a GIS.
Navulur and Engel () in their study were after identifying areas in the state where nitrate was leaching from agricultural systemes. Their study tried to evaluate how groundwater is vulnerable to pollution by nitrate in Indiana state. Soil in Indiana State was analyzed and then statistically compared with those from Indiana State soil geographic database. The study showed that rural areas in Indiana State experienced high pollution of Water, which eventually contaminated the groundwater. Nitrate, which emanated from fertilizer application and remains of dead livestock led to high rates of contamination of water in the state. The study detected that four percent of public wells in the state had pesticides. In addition, ten percent of private wells in the state had large amounts of nitrates in them. The study showed that it was important for wells in the rural areas to be protected from pollution.
Greninger, Howard. Indiana 6th in toxic air pollution. 21 July 2011.
The article by Greninger, (2011), shows that Air pollution from oil fired and coal fired plants is the major type of pollution in Indiana compared to other types of pollution. According to the study these factories emitted approximately twenty six million pounds of toxins into the air, which is nearly a percentage of sixty-eight of Indiana’s air contamination (Greninger, 2011). It was also found that, pollution from these power plants account for about a percentage of seven of United States’ air pollution. Greninger (2011), also cited a report by Lashof, which estimated that cutting mercury and air toxins to the required standards would save up to seventeen thousand lives every year by 2015.
IN.gov. Pollutants. 2013. .

The article shows that nonpoint sources of pollutants are also part of the key types of pollution that are damaging the value of lakes, rivers and streams in Indiana. According to the article, this pollutants include E. coli, nutrients, sediment, excess flow, temperature, oils and chemicals (IN.gov. 2013). Agricultural environments in the villages in Indiana are more likely to be polluted by E. coli from animal wastes than in the cities. A major reason is that the septic systems in the suburbs and countryside areas are probable to be placed wrong, or even too close together which may lead to leakages that end up in the water sources. In the urban and suburban areas of Indiana, pet wastes are the chief cause of E. coli, which may end up being washed away into sewers and waterways during storms. This is a major health risk since the water might be used for human consumption thus causing serious illnesses such as dysentery in humans.

From the above study, it is clear that pollution is a major setback for the people of Indiana, and if not addressed quickly it may cripple the state’s economy. From the different effects of pollution stated above, it is therefore important that the effects of pollution in the city and villages of Indiana be studied further. This would help determine ways to curb some of the major causes of pollution in Indiana especially emissions from the coal and oil energized plants as stated by Greninger. The study helped in determining the root cause of both major and minor causes of pollution in the state. The research topic helps to give answers to questions like, what some of the major health risks caused by pollution are and how pollution can affect the state’s economy. The research will help an individual to appreciate the importance of staying in a good, clean, healthy and pollution free environment, which would help, reduce the cost of living. To achieve clean air, Water and land environment should be the duty of every individual and not environmentalists only. Awareness campaigns should also be carried out in Indiana to facilitate the same.

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Help writing a research paper

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Argumentative essay topic

When you have an assignment of an argumentative essay topic, what your instructor expects you to do is to gather a couple of strong points that support and refute both sides of the argument and then write an essay that supports one of these sides while arguing against the very strong points of the opposing view. If this already seem difficult, then you are just the right person to come and seek help so experts can write for you an A* essay that you can be very proud of. When writing for you on your topic, the experts shall keep in mind the nature of the audience that is being targeted by the paper that they are writing for you. Some of the things that can be very important to know about the audience, especially if they are likely to hold an opposing view, include their background, the things that influence them the most and the way their minds operate.

Once one has understood the above factors, it would not be hard to write arguments in a way that will sway the minds of the audience to be in concurrence with the writer of the essay. The essay writers usually concentrate on the strongest of the points that the opposing camp is likely to argue in support of their stance and then look for ways of watering down their views so as to make the views that are supported by the writer appear to be superior. They then carefully organize the paper so that the arguments as to make the reader of the paper to glide smoothly across the points brought forward

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Superior papers

Looking for superior papers on the Internet? Well, it is not that kind of thing you will be able to find on the net as such papers aren’t usually posted. Of course, you may be lucky but there is almost a 100% guarantee that you won’t be able to come up with such paper.
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