A essay on “great society”

What is the measure of a great society? How can a society consider itself great? Al this are nagging questions that also require an answer but still do not have a proper and permanent answer. A society is a group of people leaving together. A society can be rated as great if it achieves the main goals it set to achieve when the society itself was started. Personal and general growth of people in the society can be said to be change driven towards achieving greatness. country‚Äôs also consider themselves as societies and any effort to make the name of the country known is seen as a driving force towards greatness of the society. If a country man wins a gold medal in the Olympics, it is seen as a way of making the society back at home feel that they have achieved greatness. Any form of positive change within the society is seen as a great triumph and success of all even those that were not involved. For example if one person in the society even if not living within that society achieves something great the society back at home feels that they have achieved something great best example is when president Obama became president the entire black community celebrated in joy all over the world even those in remote places in Africa the black society felt that they had achieved greatness. A essay on “great society” should entail all this in it. It should show that greatness of a society is one that has no label and that ones success in a society is labeled as success of the whole society as well and failure of one in the society in the light of other people is also seen as the failure of the society as a whole.

A great society is one that cultivates the success of individuals as well as the success of the whole society as well. A society should make sure that all the members are taught what is expected of them at all times to reduce embarrassments in the eyes of other societies, it should also endeavor to make each member excel and try top reach his full potential and that way the society will grow at an individual and general dimension. A great society is known for each achievement and not its failures and so societies should focus on positive improvements to entitle them with the name of a great society. So societies that are considered great are those that curved their names as winners and losers those that understood that the only way to greatness is through investing in the society as a whole investing in development projects and those that change the lives of the people for the better.

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