The effect of work problems on mental state of an individual

A job is good for our bank account but it may not be so good for our well-being. After an average working day, we feel our muscles are stiff and our head can crack anytime. Such symptoms suggest that our body is not all right with everything we did during a day. Struggle with taking enough fluid in and eating a home-made lunch? Say hello to gastrointestinal problems and constipation. Sitting as if you are chained to the desk? Welcome an obtruded blood circulation in lower limbs. But these are just the direct physical consequences an average sedentary job can give us. There is more to the experience of people who work in a really stressful environment.
Every person has their own level at which an ordinary job becomes intolerable. Someone may start a hysteria communicating with customers, someone else may experience a severe depression having witnessed how people die in the field or in the hospital day to day. Anxiety and depression may easily emerge due to the workplace factors. In most cases, people notice minor emotional dysfunction. Obsessive thoughts about work experience or performance bring agitation that follows people everywhere. Isolation from individuals unrelated to work often makes it impossible to socialize going out with friends.
There are several reasons behind the conflict between ourselves and the workplace. Some people are workaholics unable to give the job a rest. The others are stuck in a workplace they hate and consider they cannot do any better. Nevertheless, all of us have to set some limits for everyone trespassing on our personal life. Workaholism is a very American trait, but there is no good sacrificing our personal space and mental health to work.

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The effect of different phobias on your personality

All of us have a fear of something, but an exaggerated and irrational angst is already a mental disorder. If one experiences a strong sense of panic about certain place or object, they become dysfunctional in a few situations at least. The life with a phobia is a mess because anxiety is preserved long after the panic is gone. Individuals are afraid not only of a specific object (open spaces, spiders, other people) but of the mere fact that they are afraid. The vicious circle of anxiety makes people dysfunctional for a considerable part of their productive time.
Many different phobias make people equally isolated. The fear of embarrassment or collapse in the public discourages individuals from interaction or going out. They prefer to withdraw with their phobia for no one could see it. Phobic individuals also suffer from their feeling out of control in the situation. Even if they understand that their fear is irrational, they still cannot stop it. People feel helpless seeing how phobia affected their job and social life. The problem is, people try to make it more comfortable living with a phobia instead of concentrating their energy on getting rid of it.
Phobias do no good to personality and its development, limiting our actions in many aspects of life. Affected individuals often say that they are not themselves in a panic episode. They do not behave adequately afterward either attracting more attention to their abnormal state. Counseling and timely therapy is the way to deal with phobia before it has crushed one’s career and personal life. People can hardly deal with phobias on their own but the cure is quite real for people who seek help from others.

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The different phases of human growth and development

Human life is the succession of different stages in our development. Every 10-15 years, we change physically and emotionally. The first 10 years of human life are the time of the most rapid development of a human. The infant visibly grows with every month, and by the age of three kids look quite developed. The same three years is nothing for a thirtyish person in the midst of their productive age. On the other hand, septuagenarians age fast, and every 5 years change them visibly. Wonderful transformations happen to the humans during their life, most vivid in the first and the last decades of life.

The period we typically call childhood is divided into several stages of development. Scientists define no less than 3 or 4 stages of the childhood – they are infancy, early childhood, childhood itself (the middle one), and late childhood. Infancy is the period from birth to the 18 month of life. The baby gradually takes control over its body, it learns to crawl, sit, and stand. Mental changes allow infants to recognize parents and their voices. The infant completely depends on the care of their parents, for much of these 18 months, the mother can breastfeed.

Early childhood lasts from the 18 month up to the age of 3. The child learns to walk, talk, and use the toilet independently. It interacts with other children and becomes social. The middle childhood is the period since the age of 3 to 6. It is the age of active socialization when the child learns to interact with a group. Late childhood is the period when the child is 6 to 10 years old. The child develops fast mentally and emotionally and prepares for sexual maturing.

Adolescence is an introduction into adulthood. Teens are more adult-like physically, but their emotional and mental development cannot catch up with the physical growth. Yet even early adulthood is the time of active exploration and learning.

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Relationship between stress and physical illness

Stress is a common predecessor of serious conditions that can bring more than mood swings or isolation. Being overwhelmed with deadlines, relationship issues, or societal miseries, we put ourselves at risk of falling ill and becoming completely dysfunctional. Even a short-term stress damps our immune resistance making us vulnerable to infection. It takes more time for us to recover, and the illness is more likely to relapse. Mental stress can exacerbate the existing diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, peptic ulcer, or cardiac disease.
There is a clear mechanism of how mental disease becomes physical. A drop in serotonin cannot compensate for the amount of cortisol released during the episode of distress or panic attack. If a short-term outburst of cortisol is absolutely normal, its long-term excess undermines the immune system. Our body is prepared for sudden threats, but it does not tolerate durable fear. Thus, anxiety does not cause the illness directly but facilitates its incubation or development. Resistance plays a great role in our body, and we get plenty of problems just because it fails.

Some physicians do not accept a subtle but steady action of stress as a potent enough catalyst for a chronic disease. Indeed, there is no way to trace back hundreds of chemical reactions that occur in the body long after the panic is gone. Nevertheless, it happens every time we start to worry. Our immune system gets weaker and one day the body gives up. It is a sure consequence of a durable anxiety fit that overwhelmed us.

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Potential mental health benefits of spending some time alone in nature

Walking down bright city park lanes or passing by snowy trees on the way back home is a pleasure. Living in the country and enjoying its scenery every day is a heavenly experience. Nevertheless, many of us are city dwellers, and seeing some nature is only a part of a weekend trip. Most of us truly enjoy nature because it is a wonderful change of scenery. But certainly, green landscapes fill our lungs with oxygen and empty mind that is a great mental advantage. Nature allows us to maintain hygiene of our mind that is no less important than being physically clean.

There are a few reasons why physicians advise taking a short walk in the park every time you feel exhausted. Lying in the green grass or walking in the shadow of trees brings a considerable stress relief that can be compared to that of a short workout session. It enhances the immune system and reduces inflammation. A short walk in a city park helps to restore mental energy after a hard working day. We need it not to feel like it is the end of the world every night as we come home.
Spending time in nature is beneficial because it is a therapy with fresh air, gentle colors, and physical exercise. A city park or forest is devoid of common daily stressors such as a workplace, boss, or family. We can run, walk, lie in the grass if we like it and take a maximum of relaxation when there are only trees and empty benches around. Sometimes we need to take a good walk alone to rest from others. Emotional recharging also helps to avoid major failures in communication.

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Threat of new entrants in the Ford and the world automobile industry in 2009 case


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Marine pollution essay sample


Marine pollution is as important as air or soil pollution. What is more, all that is connected in terms of what effect it has on our planet. One of the reasons why marine pollution is so dangerous is that various species that live in the water usually die because of polluted water. Their natural habitat is no longer suitable for living. Apart from that, a lot of trash gets dumped in the lake, sea or ocean. Species consider it to be food and get poisoned. That is also one of the reasons why they extinct.

Marine pollution is not one of the issues that are widely talked about. Yet, it seems like it’s time to change something about that. Marine pollution is as important as air and soil pollution. As soon as you start researching this issue, you will come to the conclusion that there are lots of ways in which you can help. What is more, lots of organizations help to stop the process of marine pollution and they definitely need assistance with that. Do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with useful information on the issue in question at …

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Research paper on acid rains


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Professional book review


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Order argumentative essay

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